Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Second Day of Vacation

This is our second day of vacation. Day one is here

We had such a grand time at the cabin - but decided that we needed to have a place with a kitchen, and softer beds - so THEY packed up everything and took us out to breakfast - well THEY didn't know we went with them, because we were  hiding busy in the kitchen of the restaurant - they have some awfully big pans back there, full of the best kinds of food you can think of  -  but we were careful to not be spotted - so no photos, sorry.  We have to hide the incriminating evidence.

On we go - to the next cabin at the resort -  but first - a visitor early this morning.

The neighbors left their garbage out overnight - and look who came calling

THEY thought he was cute - we think he is trying to steal our snacks - greedy critter

We are finally at the cabin - it has a pool

Buddy E. told us it was a pool - I think he is telling us fibs - this won't hold water

Time for a break - the deck has a lovely view of the bay.  Wonder if I should toss the frog in the bay?  I've heard that frogs love water.

I better make a list - there is a store right across the street - I hope they have ice cream

Better watch out - there are big furry critters out here

Do you like ice cream, critter?  My, what nice big ears you have.  Bears have little ears, and frogs have none - we'd love to have some nice big ears like that - that better to hear the ice cream truck coming.

What a pretty kitchen - do you think we could cook something?  SHE is not cooking so SHE shouldn't mind if we use the stove.

Now look at the mess you've made bear, wipe all that mess off me, quick.

Oh look - a honey pot.  HE went shopping and bought this nice honey pot for us.

How come it doesn't have any honey?  Bears need honey.

A nice family picture - that frog - always a show off.

Frog seems to like the attention - he better be careful - he might fall in.

Hello froggy!

Careful froggy - this is slippery


Hee Hee - oh dear, froggy "slipped" and fell in.

You ok froggy?

Just leave me alone Mrs. BrownDirt - this is my pitcher.  I'm the star here.

A nice fire in the fireplace - SHE had to turn it on for us - bears and frogs don't got no "fumbs" - and Mrs. BrownDirt is much too short.  Does anyone have any marshmallows?


What a day - we need to rest on this big big bed- I don't think there will be room for THEM.  And who has been jumping on this bed and messing it up? Frog????

Come back later - we are going on a road trip.


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