Friday, September 6, 2013

Mrs. BrownDirt Makes a Quilt

SHE likes to make quilts - SHE has lots of them - but none are the right size for my delicate self, so guess I'll get out that little sewing machine and make one - no help needed from Bears or Frogs - I can handle this one myself.  Except that I'm not allowed scissors - I might cut myself up.

SHE has lots of tiny pieces cut up for Wonky Stars - wonder if SHE will mind if I use them?  SHE's very generous - and SHE does have a lot. 

No Frog!! Stop it - stop it now - you've made the picture fuzzy with all this messing around.

Oh Frog - those are not for decorations - they are for quilts, please put them back.  At least that Bear isn't trying to get into the fabrics.

Here comes trouble!!

That's better Frog - nice and comfy there?

Good - take a nap (that will  keep him out of the way)

Oh Frog!!!

Bu-bye - see you later!!

Ok - now to work.  SHE has this nice little sewing machine - just my size.  SHE calls it Jenny Lind (Get it?  Jenny Lind, a very old singer. Ha ha ha ha - wait - who is Jenny Lind again?  Oh well, it makes HER laugh)

Coming right along

After this seam I think I'll take a rest - sewing is hard on little dolls

Oh no - not again - Frog be careful!!

There you go - sewed your hand right into the quilt - what will we do now?  If SHE finds us messing around she might take the sewing machine away - I told you to behave, Frog.

All done - nice and cozy, don't you think?

Hey Bear - that's NOT a napkin - don't you spill any food on my new quilt, and put that fork away!

It is raining today - this will keep my dry.  I weigh a lot more when it rains on me, just in case you were wondering.

Shhhh, Frog is sleeping - close your eyes Frog!

A quilt is perfect for a tea party picnic - SHE has dishes just my size

We see you Frog - now be a nice guy and dance off someplace so I can have my quilt back.  Thanks


  1. What a great quilt! You could sell bear quilts for little bears! hehe

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Jerry & Ben!! That quilt size is perfect for little bears... and would make a great all-round blanket/picnic tablecloth!

  3. cute story! My granddaughter would like that, maybe my little grandson as well!


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