Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mrs. BrownDIrt Goes to A Lodge

Now - to introduce Mrs. BrownDirt to all the fans of Buddy E and Grampa Bear (you are pronouncing it Graaaaahhhmpa - like the doctor says - say ahhhhh, aren't you?  It is his preferred pronounciation)

First - let me introduce you to a good friend - a blogging friend - at Brown Dirt Cottage. She and I have so many things in common, even though she lives in Texas (and I grew up in the BIG state of Alaska). We both love iced tea, hate making ice cubes, we love quilting, collecting old dishes and vintage linens. We both have owned an antique shop at one time and we like to refinish furniture.
A while back, a friend of hers did this fabulous post - about Mrs. BrownDirt, and going camping. I thought it was so cute - so I just had to have a Mrs. BrownDirt doll too. It is not as good as a visit from the real Mrs. BrownDirt - but it is sure fun.
After Mrs. BrownDirt went camping, I thought it might be nice for her to go to a lodge, which is more to my taste.

First I had to make a Mrs. BrownDirt doll - like the one that went camping.

Hi - I'm Mrs. BrownDirt - I have a lovely patchwork dress, you didn't expect any less, did you? My hair was cut from fabric scraps with pinking shears - quite in style, don't you think?

I heard we were going to a lodge - I'd better get packed right away!

Oh no - stuck in the suitcase - I was so wiggly the photo came out blurry.
This packing is hard work . . .

I get tired on long trips - so sometimes I nap in the glove box - wonder why they call it the glove box - I find some scissors in here, and some napkins, a book about the car, some wet clothes to wipe up with - Don't wash me with those - I stain easily - but no gloves. At least it is soft and cozy, until "she" puts her camera on top of me - I really don't appreciate that.

We are heading for the lodge in the mountains - but we all got very hungry so stopped at this nifty Diner - it has all sorts of interesting old things in it.

We had to leave our Hula Hoops and Pogo Sticks outside . . .

Here I am posing with Lucy - I was going to pose with Marilyn Monroe but I didn't want her to be sad, because I am so much prettier than she is, with my velvet button eyes and painted on nose.

So we ordered sandwiches - they were big - and delicious, I have to say.

Big, and thick and yummy - I'd show you the milkshake, but someone drank it all up!

When they bring the bill, they clip it to this very old record - it is just the right size for a bracelet for me - don't you think?

Oh that frog - he's such a show off! It was him - that's who drank that whole milkshake - I'm just sayin'

Outside the Diner they had some big chairs - just my size . . .

I think I could go for another 2 napkin burger - how about you?

A ride on a bike - just the thing for after dinner . . .

Oh dear - I hope this isn't our lodge. Whew, drove right on past - what luck . . .

Here we are at last - what a long trip . .

A nice place to sit in the evening after traveling all day . . .

Here is our room in the lodge - don't you think this is better than camping in the dirt? 

I think I'll take this bed . . . talk to you later, we have a lot of adventures coming up, but a girl needs her rest, if that frog would just quit hopping back and forth between the beds. G'nite

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