Thursday, March 28, 2013

OH Mrs. BrownDirt

When last we visited with Mrs. BrownDirt, she was at a lodge, enjoying herself on vacation. That same vacation she had a few other adventures. Let's check in and see what she was up to on her vacation to Plain, WA.

It was a sunny and very warm day - so Mrs. BrownDirt and her people headed off for a picnic, trying to find some water - a lake, a river, an ocean - oh wait - no oceans in Plain, WA 

I love a good picnic - especially one with a cooler full of good food - and cold ice, it is very hot today and we cotton people might get wrinkled and mussed in the heat. Ahhhh comfort.

I think I'll have a look around - see what is in the woods by this river . . .

Oh noooo - a bear - run - hide. I thought this was going to be a civilized lodge vacation - not one with bears. They will eat the stuffing right out of you if you aren't careful!

It is a very big bear!!

Quick - up a tree - hope I don't fall over into that river - a girl doesn't like to get wet and messy in her good dress,.

Uh oh - I'm not such a good climber - heeeelp!

Oh dear - I forgot that bears can climb trees - now what?

I'll hide in the leaves . . .

The bear seems to be friendly - he says I should come down for lunch - I hope he doesn't mean that I am going to be lunch. I've very hungry so I will chance it - it is easier to get down out of a tree than to get up in a tree.

When I climb down - what do I see - Buddy E - waiting on a rock - is he laughing at me?

That frog - he is laughing because he ate the sandwiches while I was desperately trying to escape that ferocious bear - I bet Buddy E sent the bear after me.

No no - the frog is going to eat all the Girl Scout Cookies . . .

Go ahead frog - try and get those cookies!

Oops - did you fall into the box ? Hee Hee Heee

Oh I'm sorry frog - really I am - the cookies got all eaten up before you could get any - maybe it was that mean old bear - snicker snicker - really, I AM sorry frog.

It was a nice picnic, despite having to hide from a bear and then the frog eating the sandwiches - I think he has a tummy ache, I know I do - I mean the bear does, from eating all those cookies.


  1. What a fun outing, that bear looks pretty friendly to me.
    Joy xx

  2. Bears can be very hazardous to your health, I mean cookies! Looks like a very nice place to have a picnic even if there are bears and sandwich eating frogs! xx

  3. So cute!! I still say you should write childrens books!

  4. What a lovely sunny day you have had, and such fun too! It looks like spring has really sprung!


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