Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Quilt!

She won a quilt on a blog give-away - They said it was for bears -yeah, hmmm, that's what they said.

But they didn't say which bear.  Murray and Tumpy are trying to decide who gets the quilt - place your bets now ladys and gents.

Careful boys bears - it is a nice quilt - but we don't want it in pieces, now, do we?  I'll decide who gets the quilt - 

MEEEEE!!!  Just the right size for this bear - thank you.


  1. Very cute!!
    I just read your profile. You have a grandson here in WV. That is so cool. I wonder how close. :)

  2. I would fight over that sweet little quilt, too! Just the right size for bear snuggling! xx

  3. This is too cute!


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