Friday, November 29, 2013

Let Us Take You Shopping - We Could Stop and Get Ice Cream Too

Well it it time for thinking of Christmas gifts - so we have  a few hints as to a lovely gift you might buy for those friends, neighbors and loved ones on your list.  Someone hard to buy for?  SHE has written a book - it is a true story.

SHE was just a little girl of 6 when her family moved from California to Alaska - and wrote the true story of things that happened to her in Alaska in 1950.  My that was a long time ago.  

There were bears in Alaska and SHE wrote about how scary they are -  now isn't that silly?  We bears aren't scary, are we?  SHE also wrote about dolls, and squirrels and big dead whales - and boats and fishing and a few scary adventures too.  But hold your favorite bear frog doll, now stop that - I'm talking - your favorite bear while you read the book and you'll not get frightened at all.

Here's a shopping list of people bears frogs dolls to buy this fabulous true story for - it is family friendly and kids love it too.

  1. Great Aunt Beary - Book from - Are We Walking To Alaska? she loves true stories of children from Alaska, as she was a child there a long time ago. And this is a true story.                                          
    Grampa Bear is going to read to us - he has the biggest lap.  Come - sit - enjoy - but please don't squash Grampa
  2. Froggy and Frogette - the twins - they are reading chapter books now  - Are We Walking To Alaska? - from - they will love the adventures in this true story - bears, whales, deer, and a squirrel that comes indoors to play                                                      
    Lady Emily loves to look at the pictures in the book
  3. Dad ( be it frog dad, bear dad, or doll dad) -  Are We Walking To Alaska?   - from -   he fished in Alaska as a young man and will enjoy the fishing stories - and bears love to fish too.                                                                                           
  4. Uncle Hoppy -  Are We Walking To Alaska?  -  Uncle Hoppy can tell a story like no on else - and he'll get a big kick out of the stories in this book                                                                   
  5. Paper Girl - Lawn Mowing Boy - Are We Walking To Alaska?  - plus a bit of money put in as a bookmark - they both do such a great job all year and now they can relax and go on a true story adventure in the wilds of Alaska in the 1950s                                  
    Do I see a doll in the book - look Mrs. BrownDirt - a doll
  6. Cousin Brenda Bear -  Are We Walking To Alaska?  - she's brave and would love to have an adventure in the wilderness, and things that happened in the book will intrigue her.                                     
    Sir Edison, Billy Bear and me, Buddy E - we all can share a book
  7. Sisters and Brothers, bears and frogs -   Are We Walking To Alaska?   - reminders of their time growing up in Alaska - they will pass this book on to their children                                                             
  8. Next Door Neighbor, Mrs. Bearson -   Are We Walking To Alaska?  - Sweet neighbor is by herself, she'll enjoy the company of a young girl in Alaska, learning all about the new and different way of life.                                                               
    Look here - more photos - this is a very good book - thank you Grampa Bear for reading to us
  9. Mrs. Raggedy Ann -   Are We Walking To Alaska? - a school teacher for years in  Alaska - this true story will remind her of all the wonderful children she has taught.                                                    
  10. Mrs. Van Bear-Frog -   Are We Walking To Alaska? - Froggy's teacher, she might even want to read the book to her 4th grade class.
Don't you think SHE should write a book about us?

And so many others - just think how they'll enjoy this book - available in Kindle and print - makes shopping easy.

Others on your holiday lists  -  -  -  

  • Mail Carrier - a break from every day life
  • Friends in the Frog group
  • Neighbor who stops by to chat most afternoons
  • School Libraries - donate a book in your bear or grandbear's name
  • Public Libraries
  • Convalescent Hospitals - the residents will enjoy the true story of a young girl in Alaska - and they'd love to have you bring along a bear or a frog for entertainment - we can sing and dance
  • Care Homes
  • Bear Sitter
  • Co-Workers (we just suppose you have co-workers - as we don't work at all)
  • Anybear or Anyfrog or Anydoll that you know and love would enjoy this book - so shop already! (Don't  tell HER that we said that - she might take it out of this post - shhhhhh)

Hey - I'm not a bookmark!

One stop shopping - and if you have Amazon Prime you can have the print books shipped right to each person - or if you order Kindle it will be delivered to their Kindle for instant reading.

If you'd like an autographed copy, there is still time - leave  a message and a way to contact you and we'll work out the details.  SHE is always happy to autograph a book.  The autographed books have to come from us, as none at amazon are autographed - SHE have a good supply handy this holiday season.  If you want it autographed and sent as a gift SHE'LL even include gift wrapping free.  We'd help with that but we forever get tangled in the tape.

Click the title of the book anyplace - to order from amazon.
Thanks for shopping
And don't forget our ice cream - we'll be waiting.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Are We Walking To Alaska?

We, Grampa Bear, Buddy E and Mrs. Browndirt would like to show you a book that SHE has written.  It is the featured on a wonderful post about books.  We'll let HER tell it in HER own words (we think she is a good writer, look at the fine things SHE writes about us)

We are proud of HER - please have a look and then order your own copy of HER book.  SHE is very happy when she sells books - and she might give us some ice cream if she is happy (we love ice cream), so help us out here, would ya?  Thanks!

This is a different kind of post - but one that I'm very proud of - my book, Are We Walking to Alaska?,  has been featured on Fourth Wall Friday - at Cabin Goddess, a wonderful site that features authors and their books.  My book is a bit different than the ones regularly featured on the site.  Kriss did a fabulous job in the feature story.

That is me on the left in the photo.  This picture was taken on my mom's birthday. My little brother has a cast on his arm and a black eye - the story is in the book (no, I did not beat him up)

I'd be honored if you would visit and see the post about my book.  I'm very proud of my book - the story of our family moving to Alaska in the 1950s, before Alaska was a state.  My adventures were exciting to a young girl and I'd love to share them with you.  

You can purchase my book from a link on Kriss's page - or by clicking the tab just under my header above, or from, just by searching the name of the book, "Are We Walking To Alaska?", in print or kindle.

 It is a book that the whole family can enjoy - I hope you will find it intriguing and as interesting to read as I found it to be when I was writing it.

Me and my youngest brother, Jeff, making snowmen in Alaska.  Notice that Jeff's hat is on the snowman in front of me.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Today we have guests - they are having a tea party with a pretty tea set.

Just so you won't forget us, first we would like to show you our annual photos - we thought Mt. Baker would be the perfect background.  Now - let us introduce you to our guests.

 May we present Lady Emily

And Sir Edison

Their tea set is Moss Rose - and just the perfect size for small bears

A proper cup of Ginger Tea and some Fresh Apple Cake

Sir Edison has such nice manners

He barely spilled a crumb on the lacy tablecloth

Lady Emily appreciates good manners in her tea companion

Oh Sir Edison!

Lady Emily has fainted dead away - such shenanigans!

That's better, wasn't that a fine tea party?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Mrs. BrownDirt Makes a Quilt

SHE likes to make quilts - SHE has lots of them - but none are the right size for my delicate self, so guess I'll get out that little sewing machine and make one - no help needed from Bears or Frogs - I can handle this one myself.  Except that I'm not allowed scissors - I might cut myself up.

SHE has lots of tiny pieces cut up for Wonky Stars - wonder if SHE will mind if I use them?  SHE's very generous - and SHE does have a lot. 

No Frog!! Stop it - stop it now - you've made the picture fuzzy with all this messing around.

Oh Frog - those are not for decorations - they are for quilts, please put them back.  At least that Bear isn't trying to get into the fabrics.

Here comes trouble!!

That's better Frog - nice and comfy there?

Good - take a nap (that will  keep him out of the way)

Oh Frog!!!

Bu-bye - see you later!!

Ok - now to work.  SHE has this nice little sewing machine - just my size.  SHE calls it Jenny Lind (Get it?  Jenny Lind, a very old singer. Ha ha ha ha - wait - who is Jenny Lind again?  Oh well, it makes HER laugh)

Coming right along

After this seam I think I'll take a rest - sewing is hard on little dolls

Oh no - not again - Frog be careful!!

There you go - sewed your hand right into the quilt - what will we do now?  If SHE finds us messing around she might take the sewing machine away - I told you to behave, Frog.

All done - nice and cozy, don't you think?

Hey Bear - that's NOT a napkin - don't you spill any food on my new quilt, and put that fork away!

It is raining today - this will keep my dry.  I weigh a lot more when it rains on me, just in case you were wondering.

Shhhh, Frog is sleeping - close your eyes Frog!

A quilt is perfect for a tea party picnic - SHE has dishes just my size

We see you Frog - now be a nice guy and dance off someplace so I can have my quilt back.  Thanks

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Road Trip!

While on vacation in July, THEY rented a cabin at Fidalgo Bay Resort, and then THEY traipsed all over the countryside.  We could barely keep up - but we tried.  There was so much food to be eaten, and so many ice cream cones to snitch buy from the store across the street - but we tried.  

The third day THEY went back to Washington Park, just on the outskirts of Anacortes.  It is a city park and full of trees and picnic areas and wonderful things to see.

There are lots of old, dead trees.  Grampa (remember, his name is grahm pa) loves to climb.  Bears are like that.

Frogs prefer hopping - hop on up - the view is great!

Grampa seems comfy

Oops - sorry bear - frogs are not so good at climbing.

Family picture time - SHE sure likes to take a lot of pictures.

Close up of me - I'm the cutest one anyway.

Oh dear, Grampa took a tumble - you ok there, bear?

I  didn't do it - I"m too sweet for that - better watch out frog.