Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Vacation

THEY decided that there should be a vacation - and what is a vacation if you don't take your friends along?  Well - THEY tried to get out without us - but we are pretty clever - we just jumped in the suitcases and when THEY unpacked - there we were.

First day was spent at Bay View State Park -

I love to sit in flowers - it is what frogs do.

Mrs BrownDirt thinks she's a frog - get out of those flowers Mrs. BrownDirt!

HER tripod is just right for a long-legged frog - now if I could just click and take photos. Where is my camera?

The State Park knew we were coming so they built us this nifty swing on the deck - there's that pesky frog - just hangin' around

There is plenty of room on this swing - wouldn't you like to swing for a bit?

Of course a pesky frog might jump on your head
Mrs. BrownDirt thinks I have a book - so she wants to read over my shoulder

Drat - no books!!

Hop on up - the view is great

Swinging on the gate.  .  .

Ouch - and SHE laughed so hard she couldn't get a good picture of me, this is not my best side.  No more swinging on the gate for me!

Look at Buddy E - he's got his arm caught in the gate latch - and SHE didn't even laugh at him - I'm insulted.

Just hangin' around

Nothing much to do on a summer day - wish we had a boat!

I'll sit on HER trekking poles - she's not using them right now

All  done hangin' around

Time for bed - why do they make these beds so high?

Somebody is getting a free ride to the top

Whew - we made it!

Planning for tomorrow.  .  .

I think we'll eat all the blueberry muffins tonight so they'll have to take us out for breakfast tomorrow.