Friday, November 29, 2013

Let Us Take You Shopping - We Could Stop and Get Ice Cream Too

Well it it time for thinking of Christmas gifts - so we have  a few hints as to a lovely gift you might buy for those friends, neighbors and loved ones on your list.  Someone hard to buy for?  SHE has written a book - it is a true story.

SHE was just a little girl of 6 when her family moved from California to Alaska - and wrote the true story of things that happened to her in Alaska in 1950.  My that was a long time ago.  

There were bears in Alaska and SHE wrote about how scary they are -  now isn't that silly?  We bears aren't scary, are we?  SHE also wrote about dolls, and squirrels and big dead whales - and boats and fishing and a few scary adventures too.  But hold your favorite bear frog doll, now stop that - I'm talking - your favorite bear while you read the book and you'll not get frightened at all.

Here's a shopping list of people bears frogs dolls to buy this fabulous true story for - it is family friendly and kids love it too.

  1. Great Aunt Beary - Book from - Are We Walking To Alaska? she loves true stories of children from Alaska, as she was a child there a long time ago. And this is a true story.                                          
    Grampa Bear is going to read to us - he has the biggest lap.  Come - sit - enjoy - but please don't squash Grampa
  2. Froggy and Frogette - the twins - they are reading chapter books now  - Are We Walking To Alaska? - from - they will love the adventures in this true story - bears, whales, deer, and a squirrel that comes indoors to play                                                      
    Lady Emily loves to look at the pictures in the book
  3. Dad ( be it frog dad, bear dad, or doll dad) -  Are We Walking To Alaska?   - from -   he fished in Alaska as a young man and will enjoy the fishing stories - and bears love to fish too.                                                                                           
  4. Uncle Hoppy -  Are We Walking To Alaska?  -  Uncle Hoppy can tell a story like no on else - and he'll get a big kick out of the stories in this book                                                                   
  5. Paper Girl - Lawn Mowing Boy - Are We Walking To Alaska?  - plus a bit of money put in as a bookmark - they both do such a great job all year and now they can relax and go on a true story adventure in the wilds of Alaska in the 1950s                                  
    Do I see a doll in the book - look Mrs. BrownDirt - a doll
  6. Cousin Brenda Bear -  Are We Walking To Alaska?  - she's brave and would love to have an adventure in the wilderness, and things that happened in the book will intrigue her.                                     
    Sir Edison, Billy Bear and me, Buddy E - we all can share a book
  7. Sisters and Brothers, bears and frogs -   Are We Walking To Alaska?   - reminders of their time growing up in Alaska - they will pass this book on to their children                                                             
  8. Next Door Neighbor, Mrs. Bearson -   Are We Walking To Alaska?  - Sweet neighbor is by herself, she'll enjoy the company of a young girl in Alaska, learning all about the new and different way of life.                                                               
    Look here - more photos - this is a very good book - thank you Grampa Bear for reading to us
  9. Mrs. Raggedy Ann -   Are We Walking To Alaska? - a school teacher for years in  Alaska - this true story will remind her of all the wonderful children she has taught.                                                    
  10. Mrs. Van Bear-Frog -   Are We Walking To Alaska? - Froggy's teacher, she might even want to read the book to her 4th grade class.
Don't you think SHE should write a book about us?

And so many others - just think how they'll enjoy this book - available in Kindle and print - makes shopping easy.

Others on your holiday lists  -  -  -  

  • Mail Carrier - a break from every day life
  • Friends in the Frog group
  • Neighbor who stops by to chat most afternoons
  • School Libraries - donate a book in your bear or grandbear's name
  • Public Libraries
  • Convalescent Hospitals - the residents will enjoy the true story of a young girl in Alaska - and they'd love to have you bring along a bear or a frog for entertainment - we can sing and dance
  • Care Homes
  • Bear Sitter
  • Co-Workers (we just suppose you have co-workers - as we don't work at all)
  • Anybear or Anyfrog or Anydoll that you know and love would enjoy this book - so shop already! (Don't  tell HER that we said that - she might take it out of this post - shhhhhh)

Hey - I'm not a bookmark!

One stop shopping - and if you have Amazon Prime you can have the print books shipped right to each person - or if you order Kindle it will be delivered to their Kindle for instant reading.

If you'd like an autographed copy, there is still time - leave  a message and a way to contact you and we'll work out the details.  SHE is always happy to autograph a book.  The autographed books have to come from us, as none at amazon are autographed - SHE have a good supply handy this holiday season.  If you want it autographed and sent as a gift SHE'LL even include gift wrapping free.  We'd help with that but we forever get tangled in the tape.

Click the title of the book anyplace - to order from amazon.
Thanks for shopping
And don't forget our ice cream - we'll be waiting.