Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome To My New Blog

Some of you have met Grampa Bear - he travels with us on road trips

And his friend Buddy E.

And their new cohort and friend (and accomplice, Mrs. BrownDirt)

This blog is all about their travels and adventures - sometimes alone - sometimes together - that's when the real trouble starts.

I've done some posts about them on my other blogs - so I'll bring those posts over here so you can catch up on their shenanigans activities.  

Hope you enjoy - let's start of with an introduction to Grampa Bear (he prefers the the pronunciation "Grahhhhmpa", thankyewverymuch) and his accomplice pal, Buddy E.

These two characters go most places with us. Most times we can keep them out of mischief - but you just never know what they are going to do, at any moment. 

Buddy E is the frog - he has really long dancing legs, like Buddy Ebsen (remember Beverly Hillbillies?). Buddy E. loves to get into just about anything and always wants to join in, no matter what I'm doing. He cooks, cleans (well messes up while I clean), reads, sews, writes (on things he shouldn't write on) and eats.

He likes a drink of Pepsi now and then - but really, there is only water in there.

At the lake Buddy E likes to have a snack of Mexican food - and a good dose of hot sauce.   Quick, the water!

Loves the swings in the park and

Gets into things in my studio.

He is sometimes joined by a friend or two - and then we are really in trouble. Grampa is our traveling bear. He has gone to Wisconsin on the train, shopping at Oshkosh B'Gosh in Wisconsin, on boat rides, on picnics, to Canada and often stows away and I don't notice him until we are on our way, and it is too late to turn around and leave him at home. His favorite place to ride now is in Ben's carseat in the back of our car - he can see things better from that spot.

His favorite thing is picnics - any time - any place!!! And like all good bears - Grampa likes to rummage around in the food and see what's happenin'.  He's wearing his Depoe Bay, OR t-shirt - perfect for a picnic. 

And of course, like all bears - he eats too much - but is happy as can be.

When we went to a cabin at Silver Lake, Grampa made friends with the Blue Jays by having his friend Murray give them some peanuts. Sometimes he is nice about sharing.

Buddy E likes to travel too - and once he even got to go to Oregon to see the cousins.

He climbed up on top of the birdhouses at my cousin's house in Oregon

And sat by her flowers - he was pretty good this time - didn't pick any flowers - that I saw

And took a long dangerous ride dangerous on her wooden whale

Got dizzy on her whirling flower - urrrp 

And swung on the alliums in the wind!

So you have met Buddy E and Grampa Bear - next I'll introduce you to Mrs. BrownDirt - she's a real hoot.

Texture Tuesday 


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what Grampa Bear and Buddy E get up to.
    Joy xx

  2. and looking forward to meeting Mrs. Browndirt, she sounds like loads of fun xx

  3. Thank you for introducing these friends, Jo. I enjoyed meeting them!



  4. I can't wait to see what adventures these lovable characters go on! So cute! xx

  5. Hoots to them both too. Can't wait to meet Mrs Brown Dirt.

  6. I wish Buddy E and Gramps Bear many exciting adventurous travels!

    Visiting from Texture Tuesday.

  7. This is a super-fun idea for a blog! -BB


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