Thursday, August 22, 2013

Road Trip!

While on vacation in July, THEY rented a cabin at Fidalgo Bay Resort, and then THEY traipsed all over the countryside.  We could barely keep up - but we tried.  There was so much food to be eaten, and so many ice cream cones to snitch buy from the store across the street - but we tried.  

The third day THEY went back to Washington Park, just on the outskirts of Anacortes.  It is a city park and full of trees and picnic areas and wonderful things to see.

There are lots of old, dead trees.  Grampa (remember, his name is grahm pa) loves to climb.  Bears are like that.

Frogs prefer hopping - hop on up - the view is great!

Grampa seems comfy

Oops - sorry bear - frogs are not so good at climbing.

Family picture time - SHE sure likes to take a lot of pictures.

Close up of me - I'm the cutest one anyway.

Oh dear, Grampa took a tumble - you ok there, bear?

I  didn't do it - I"m too sweet for that - better watch out frog.


  1. That's cute! And I'd be snitching ice cream cones, too.

  2. Oh! So glad to meet you all! We are a very mixed bunch here - bears, dolls, sheep, dogs, cats, donkeys, ducks, geese, hens, rabbits and our three pet humans who THINK they are in charge.
    Now we can follow your adventures - don't you just love the internet and blogs in particular?
    Roberta and Meg Not-Quite-Hitty in Wales.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful hike! It's so much better to hike with friends. But, you forgot the best part! What did you have for lunch after such a long hike? Anything with honey in it? hehe

  4. Great adventure! And you guys are just around the corner from where I live!! Don't you love West Coast living?? I just moved to the West Coast this summer with my human peoples... Still looking for a reliable honey supply...


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